Monday 21 May 2012

Climbing up Mont Tremblant, QC

After Sister Sarah did the luge, we started walking up the mountain.  We had no intention of getting the top ... it's 6km of steep climbing and takes two hours.  We had a goal in mind.

Here's the view as we started off.

 We came upon this rock just before we went onto a path in the woods.

 The gondolas were going by above us.

 It was sunny and 29C ... and we were hot.  We spent some time by this stream.

 I practiced slowing down the shutter speed.  This picture is with a fast shutter speed.

 And then I slowed it down.

 It was nice to stick our feet in the water to cool down.

 Off we went again following the path through the woods.

We came upon this waterfall and spent some time here in the water ... so refreshing!

 We started walking again.  Our goal was to get to this small patch of snow.

 Sister Sarah climbed (and slid) up the snow pile.

 This is how high we'd gone ... it was quite a steep climb!  We were above where we'd luged.

 Then we headed back down again ... here's the view.

We stopped in at the waterfall again and cooled down by walking in the water.

Excellent walk!

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Dawn said...

I LOVE the way water looks with a slower shutter speed. So serene.