Saturday 5 May 2012

Marben, Toronto, ON

After Gord and I finished the Wellington Place: A Remarkable Neighbourhood Re-Emerges Over The Traces Of Two Centuries Jane's Walk, we stopped in at Marben (on Wellington) for a drink.  We'd never been there before.

 It was really warm in there ... too bad the patio wasn't open or at least have the windows open to let some air in.

They only have three beer on tap (Muskoka Brewery).  I ordered a cream ale and Gord ordered and IPA.  They weren't very cold at all ... not refreshing.  I like beer but didn't like mine so gave a lot of it to Gord ... that's when we realized that I had been drinking the one he ordered (he likes a hoppier beer).  No wonder I didn't like it.

It's a cute spot, though.

 The bathroom was funky.

All in all, I wasn't crazy about this place and won't be rushing back.

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