Thursday 24 May 2012

Nice One Nails, Toronto, ON

Gord and I needed a pedicure (we hadn't had one since the end of March).

We walked over to Liberty Village and checked out Nice One Nails.

When we walked in, there were two women sitting at the receptionist's desk ... one was picking at the other's scalp (I have no idea what she was doing).  They were very rude and abrupt and told us to sign in and sit down.

There were lots of colours to choose from ... I picked Opi's Wokki Wokki.

Our pedicurists were quick and efficient.  They pretty well ignored us and carried on a conversation between themselves.

The price was right ($58 for two pedicures and an eyebrow waxing) but their customer service sucks.  I doubt I'd go back.


Swordsman said...

I definitely will not go back!

Isabel said...

But you have pretty toes.