Saturday 19 May 2012

Mont Tremblant, QC

This is the weekend Sister Sarah and I hang out.

This year we are spending a loooooong weekend in Mont Tremblant, QC (the resort village, not the actually town which is 13km away).  Sister Sarah lives in Halifax and I booked our flights so we landed about the same time.  Then we jumped in the car and headed north (about an hour and a half) to Mont Tremblant.

We went for a little walk around when we got here.  The streets were crowded ... there was a bike race happening plus it's the long weekend.  Here are a few shots.

 These trees are all over the place ... perfect to use as a background.  Here is Sister Sarah.

And here is me.

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Margaret B said...

Catching up on your posts from Mont Tremblant - great photo of Sister Sarah against the cherry blossoms. NICE JOB!