Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bar Café d'Époque, Mont Tremblant, QC

Bar Café d'Époque is across the street from the Diable .  There were flashing lights and loud music inside.

The doorman was giving out coupons ... your first drink was $2 so that was a good enticement for us (regular price for a vodka and cranberry juice was $8) to check it out.

It's a dance club and it was jammed and loud.  Great tunes were being played by a DJ along with the video on TVs.  It was dark except for the flashing strove lights.  Smoke was being pumped in from somewhere to give it a hazy effect.

There were a couple areas where you can dance ... it reminded me of go-go dancers in the movies from/about the 1960s.

Here's Sister Sarah.

 And here are Sister Sarah and I.

These guys were standing next to us for a while.  The big guy was snoozing, leaning back against one of the spots you could be a "go-go dancer".  His buddy behind him was leaning against him snoozing too, his forehead on his buddy's shoulder.

There seems to be quite a few bachelor and bachelorette parties in town.  We saw some ladies at the Diable carrying around a male blow-up doll.  They landed at Bar Café d'Époque too and some guy ended up carrying around their blow-up doll.  Here is Sister Sarah meeting him (the doll) who was a very friendly guy.

It was a fun crazy spot!


Lady Banana said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

I've not been dancing for way too long.

Those dozy guys, shoulda given up and gone home to bed! lol

My Little Corner said...

woo hooo! Sounds like a blast! I haven't done a night like that in ages! I'd better call up the BFFs!