Saturday 19 May 2012

Bar Café d'Époque, Mont Tremblant, QC

Bar Café d'Époque is across the street from the Diable .  There were flashing lights and loud music inside.

The doorman was giving out coupons ... your first drink was $2 so that was a good enticement for us (regular price for a vodka and cranberry juice was $8) to check it out.

It's a dance club and it was jammed and loud.  Great tunes were being played by a DJ along with the video on TVs.  It was dark except for the flashing strove lights.  Smoke was being pumped in from somewhere to give it a hazy effect.

There were a couple areas where you can dance ... it reminded me of go-go dancers in the movies from/about the 1960s.

Here's Sister Sarah.

 And here are Sister Sarah and I.

These guys were standing next to us for a while.  The big guy was snoozing, leaning back against one of the spots you could be a "go-go dancer".  His buddy behind him was leaning against him snoozing too, his forehead on his buddy's shoulder.

There seems to be quite a few bachelor and bachelorette parties in town.  We saw some ladies at the Diable carrying around a male blow-up doll.  They landed at Bar Café d'Époque too and some guy ended up carrying around their blow-up doll.  Here is Sister Sarah meeting him (the doll) who was a very friendly guy.

It was a fun crazy spot!

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Way Out Wear said...

woo hooo! Sounds like a blast! I haven't done a night like that in ages! I'd better call up the BFFs!