Thursday 28 December 2017

Delta Bingo & Gaming, Toronto, ON

For many years, I went to bingo, sometimes as often as weekly.  Gord and I haven't gone in about ten years ... life got busy and we forgot about it.

We went to the 1pm session this afternoon at Delta Bingo (St. Clair Avenue W/Old Westin Road) ... this was where we used to go.

The caller

The last time we went, digital bingo had just arrived at Delta Bingo in the form of bulky iPad-like devices (I'd never tried it).  It's a lot slicker now and uses a Gecko system.  In addition to paper cards (we each got a three-strip plus the games that weren't included), we bought a $50 Gecko package (12 strips of regular book, early bird, players progressive, super jackpot and bonanza).  We had lots of questions about how the Gecko system worked since we've never seen it before and the woman at the desk was patient in answering our questions.

Ready to go!
Our digital cards count down as you get close
We brought Bingo Betty long for luck

Though we had a fun time, alas, we didn't win.  A fella sitting in front of us at the next table won at least five times!!

The digital cards were fun to play as everything is taken care of and I may try it again, in addition to the paper cards.

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