Thursday 30 June 2016

Waterfront Trail (west), Toronto, ON

It's a warm sunny day and I headed for a walk along the Waterfront Trail this afternoon.

I started at Sunnyside Cafe and Pavillion.

There were a few people on Sunnyside Beach but I didn't see anyone in the water (though there were people on paddle boats and in boats).

"Throw the ball in the water again!!"

I headed west along the boardwalk.

I crossed over Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

I always stop and look at the love locks on the bridge.

I chilled for a bit at Sheldon Lookout.

Then I headed back across the bridge.

I stopped to look at more love locks.

I headed east along the boardwalk.

 It was a lovely day for a walk and I look forward to doing it again over the summer.

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