Thursday 30 June 2016

Book ~ "The Potty Mouth at the Table" (2013) Laurie Notaro

From Goodreads ~ Laurie Notaro thinks everyone’s nuts. Or maybe there’s just something wrong with her. Here, she examines the basic human condition of rudeness - other people’s rudeness, that is - in her latest uproariously funny collection. 

In her trademark irreverent style, Laurie recounts in detail such unfortunate situations as discovering that she wasn't on the viewable Facebook invite list for a good friend’s party, or standing behind a woman in the pharmacy line who says to the clerk, “Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me what a staph infection looks like?” and proceeds to embark on a fifteen-minute conversation that includes sentences like, “Infection can burrow.” 

So if you’ve ever found yourself wondering if the person seated next to you on the plane is being earnest when he tells the stewardess he will handle the emergency door in the event of a crash landing or spotted a chunk of something that could be chocolate under your keyboard and desperately wanted to eat it, then this collection of sometimes bizarre and always entertaining observations is for you. 

It's been a while since I've read one of Notaro's books.  I've enjoyed her books in the past.

Most of the rants stories were funny (like the one about her shower puff, when she has lunch with her ex-boyfriend, when she is suffering from the effects of eating falafel, and her rants about Yelpers) while others were just so-so.  She finishes off with a story of her friend, Kartz, who has brain cancer.

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