Saturday 4 June 2016

Meat Loaf, Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

I'm a big fan of Meat Loaf and still love and play Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell II (I know all the words to the songs!).  When I heard he was coming to town, I asked Gord if he wanted to go and he said "no" ... so I got myself a ticket and went alone.  I'd seen him in concert just over 15 years ago ... it was an acoustic tour and it was fabulous.

He was playing tonight at Massey Hall.

I was so excited!

Right at 8pm, he came on ... no opening act.  Whoohoo!  And then he started singing ... and he was awful!  His voice is nowhere near where it used to be and if I didn't know it was Meat Loaf, I wouldn't have guessed it was him.

He's lucky he was backed by a loud talented band and back-up singers who carried him ... and an audience who knew the words to his more popular songs.  He seemed to stumble on the words at times and let the audience take over.  He should seriously consider retirement.

He is 68 and hobbled around the stage like he was 108.  He stared at the crowd with a crazed look in his eyes, which was weird.  And he was chewing gum like a cow chewing on its cud ... very strange.

When he sang Paradise by the Dashboard Light, he started necking and feeling up his cute 20-something back-up singer.  Ewwwww!  And then he ripped off her blouse.  Then they necked again.  Very creepy!   They had an exchange about how he is 68 and if he's not home by 11pm, his parents would ground him ... huh?  And how they wouldn't be having sex.  Then they kept giving each other the finger.  Was that supposed to be funny?!

I kept waiting for an intermission so I could leave but it never came.  People started leaving and not coming back so I did too.

I like buying concert teeshirts so got a cool one before the show started.  I returned it and got my $45 back before I left.

This was the worst concert EVER!!!!

Update:  I contacted TicketMaster and requested my money back for my ticket ($120) and it was refunded.

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How disappointing :(