Wednesday 23 July 2014

LS, Toronto, ON

LS (formerly La Société) at Bloor Street W/Avenue Road recently rebranded their restaurant in June.

A petit piece of Paris centrally located in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood, LS is a departure to another time and place. We invite you to spoil yourself with unmatched atmosphere, design, service and delicious menu offerings.

They had a media event this evening to showcase their new menu. I received an invitation and brought my work pal and colleague, Larissa.

Though they haven't really changed their brunch menu since it is well-received, they have added 60% to 70% new items to the dinner menu.  There is also a bar menu and you can get late night snacks.

There is lots of space, depending on where you want to be.  You can sit downstairs on the street level in the comfy patio and get grilled food.

Or you can head upstairs and sit on the patio there.

Or you can head inside ...

... and sit in the dining room.

A bike full of bubbly ...that's my kind of bike!

Or you can sit in the bar, which is where we were.

Larissa and Richelle (who was kind enough to invite me)
We sat to the right at the bar
There used to be a wall behind the bar which they recently knocked out ...
good idea since now the light and energy can flow through

Along the left wall on your way to the washrooms, there is lots and lots of red wine ... yum!

These pictures greet you when you come out of the ladies' washroom.

You can get fresh oysters.

They were showcasing three cocktails.

Nishan Nepulangoda was our Mixologist
Larissa enjoying her cocktail
Nishan and Manager Wes
GM Zia and Larissa
Larissa and I
Chef Romain Avril and Larissa

Here is the food we got to try ... I tend to be a bit of a fussy eater so didn't try everything but Larissa did and enjoyed everything.

They were delicious!
Larissa enjoyed the lightness of the tempura
This was Larissa's favourite ...
she said it was "unbelievable"
The chicken had been soaked in buttermilk and was really tender
Tagine, a Moroccan dish which wasn't on the menu

And dessert!!

There was a DJ spinning tunes when we left.

It's a lovely restaurant and we were treated very well.  You should check it out if you are in the Yorkville area and in the mood for a piece of Paris!

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LeeAnn said...

Wow -food looks incredible - tempura crab! Buttermilk chicken looks great too! Will definitely have to check it out! Always looking for a place to eat before the Panasonic Theatre

Masshole Mommy said...

That look like just the type of restaurant I would like! Yum!

Anonymous said...

The fried chicken looks amazing!