Tuesday 1 July 2014

Waterfront Trail (west), Toronto, ON

It was hot (27C/33C with the humidity) and sunny this afternoon and Gord and I wanted to be outside.

We caught the westbound Queen streetcar and got off at Lakeshore Blvd W/Marina Parade Drive.  Then we started walking eastward on the Waterfront Trail.

We came across these balancing rocks on the Humber Bay Park East Trail.

We walked out onto these rocks.

There was a mama duck and her babies below us.

She told me that I'd come close enough and I obeyed her
Everyone snuggled in for a nap

We started walking eastward again.

Coming up on Sheldon Lookout
The view of downtown from Sheldon Lookout

We headed towards Humber Bay Arch Bridge and crossed over it.

There were lots of love locks on the bridge.

We headed east on Sunnyside Boardwalk.

Great place to play beach volleyball!
It was safe to swim in the water (the E. coli level was low)
This beach is usually jammed with volleyball nets

We had planned on having a drink on the patio of Sunnyside Cafe and Pavillion but discovered it's closed 'til next spring for renovations.

So we kept walking.  We came across another mama duck and her babies.

Family nap time!

We passed by the Gus Ryder Pool and no surprise it was busy.

We walked through Budapest Park.

Looking back to where we'd started (far left)
This guy seemed to be at peace
This dog loves to chew on wet logs!

We crossed over the bridge by Palais Royale to catch the Queen streetcar home.

Looking towards downtown ...
surprisingly traffic wasn't too bad on the Gardiner

It was a fun walk!  We'd been hesitant to go because the weather forecast was calling for rain but happily it never came.


Masshole Mommy said...

That looks like an awesome place for a walk.

Teresa said...

What a great walking area. Nice to see everyone out enjoying the warm weather.

Margaret B said...

So much to see! We did part of the trail in the middle of winter on a super windy cold day. Although it's beautiful in its own way, it's not the best time for a long walk. I'm inspired - don't you just love that bridge? So eye-catching when driving by on Lakeshore.