Thursday 10 July 2014

Summer Craft Beer Fest, Toronto, ON

Gord and I attended the second annual Summer Craft Beer Fest this evening ... it's our first year attending.  It was in Liberty Village, which is near our 'hood.  It was a nice sunny summer evening ... so what a great reason to be outside!

Admission was $20 and sampling tickets were $1.  Apparently about 500 tickets had been sold ahead of time and about another 300 were sold at the event.  There was a good-sized crowd but it never seemed overcrowded.

Hi Clinton!

The festival started at 5pm ... we walked over and got there about 6pm.   Liberty Village is one of Toronto's oldest areas and some of the older buildings are still there and have been converted to restaurants and stores.  It's an interesting contrast to the many condos that have been added to the area.

There were a couple bands ... they were good!

Gord's first beer was a Brakeman Session Ale from Junction Craft Brewing ... he loved it!  The people manning the booth were really friendly.

My first beer was a Lug Tread from Beau's All Natural Brewing Company.

I had a couple ales from Hogtown Brewers and liked it.

Gord liked his Naughty Neighbour from Nickel Brook.

There are restaurants in Liberty Market where the beer festival was being held.  We each bought a chicken burrito from Burrito Burrito for supper. It was delicious!

I had a summer ale from Granite Brewery.

I had a lager from Creemore Springs ... I've had it before and like it.

Reps from the radio station Indie88 were giving out swag.

I had an All Natural Blonde from Amsterdam Brewery ... I've had it many times and like it.

I had a Wild Raspberry Tabby from Grand River Brewery.  It really had a big taste of raspberries but also tasted like a wheat beer.

 Here are the crowds about 8pm.

 I liked the apple cider from Thornbury Cider.

I also liked the reisling from Vineyard Estates.

Here's the crowd about 8:30pm.

We ran into Lucy, who we'd met a couple years ago when she was working at a Mill St. Brewery booth at a beer festival.

Me and Lucy

It was a fun festival ... one we'll definitely check out again, especially since it is so close to our 'hood.


Clinton Dsouza said...

Nice post Teena. Thanks for putting me in it :)

Masshole Mommy said...

That sounds like quite the event! You go to the coolest things.

Teresa said...

Another fun night! Wonderful weather too!