Monday 28 July 2014

Mosaic Spa, Fergus, ON

Rather than give each other something for our birthdays, Gord and I instead treat each other to the spa.

Today was my birthday gift from Gord ... services at the Mosaic Spa in Fergus.

I started with a 60 minute massage with Kate ... very nice!

Then it was Gord's turn to have a 60 minute massage with her.  While he was doing that, I was getting a facial with Ashlee.  I haven't had a lot of facials and enjoyed it.  When I asked her, Ashlee said for maintenance everyone should have one with the change of the seasons.  Sounds good to me!

Finally Gord and I got our pedicures together.  There were lots of colours to choose from and I chose Mason.

Here we are settling in for our pedicures.  I got mine from Ashlee and Gord got his from Tasha.

After lots of love and attention, we had a hot stone massage.   It's the first time I've had one on my feet and legs and it was very very nice and relaxing.

And then came time for the polish ... ta-da!

Mosaic is a very nice spa.  Everyone was friendly and I left there feeling very relaxed and pampered.


Masshole Mommy said...

I love that Gord goes with you. Chris comes with me and everyone thinks it's strange.

Isabel said...

Looks very relaxing! love the color!