Wednesday 3 October 2012

Toronto Blue Jays 2, Minnesota Twins 1

Tonight was the last game for the Blue Jays for this season.  Alas, they aren't going into the playoffs.

Gord and I were at the game.  We had great seats ... row 12 in section 129.  Because of the chance of rain, the dome was closed.

I wore my Jays' teeshirt with Brett Lawrie on the back ... and here he is at bat.

Here are Gord and I ...

Ace was busting some moves!

Omar Vizquel is retiring and tonight was his last game in the major league.  After 24 years and at 45-years-old, he is baseball's oldest player playing today. Tonight was his 2968th game, the most ever played by a player.  He had a fan sitting in front of us.

Here is Vizquel's last time up at bat.

We bought seven tickets for the 50/50 draw.  Winning almost $3,500 would have been sweet.

Alas, we weren't even close!

The attendance for the year was just over two million.

I only got to three games this year and Gord only got to seven ... usually we go to more.

The attendance at tonight's game was almost 20,000.

The Jays beat the Twins 2 - 1.  Nice to win the last game!

Looking back at the field for the last time 'til April 2, 2013.

Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun were waiting to broadcast on Rogers Sportsnet.

As we were leaving, there were some girls giving out apple & maple pecan Harvest Crunch nature bars ... so we each took one.  One of the girls said that as soon as the samples were gone, they could go home ... so she loaded up my purse and Gord's hat.  We came home with 42 of them!


Masshole Mommy said...

Fun! And you guys won! Around here it is so darn expensive to see a Red Sox game, that it's not even worth going really.

LeeAnn said...

Great pic of you Teena!