Monday 29 October 2012

Book ~ "The Prophet" (2012) Ethan Cross

From Goodreads ~ OLD ENEMIES ... Francis Ackerman Jr. is one of America's most prolific serial killers. Having kept a low profile for the past year, he is ready to return to work – and he's more brutal, cunning, and dangerous than ever.

NEW THREATS ... Scarred from their past battles, Special Agent Marcus Williams cannot shake Ackerman from his mind. But now Marcus must focus on catching the Anarchist, a new killer who drugs and kidnaps women before burning them alive.

HIDDEN TERRORS ... Marcus knows the Anarchist will strike again soon. And Ackerman is still free. But worse than this is a mysterious figure, unknown to the authorities, who controls the actions of the Anarchist and many like him. He is the Prophet – and his plans are more terrible than even his own disciples can imagine.

With attacks coming from every side, Marcus faces a race against time to save the lives of a group of innocent people chosen as sacrifices in the Prophet's final dark ritual.

Though I enjoyed this book, I found it was a bit slow and confusing in the beginning.  There were a few characters to get to know right away.  But once I figured out who was who and got to know them, I was okay and got into it.

I liked the characters.   Everyone has a scarred past, the good guys and the bad guys.  Marcus and Maggie (she works for the same agency) have had a relationship and are on a break, though each understands it differently.  This doesn't stop them from doing their job, though.  Marcus' brain is always remembering and analyzing everything.  He doesn't sleep much and suffers from migraines.  Andrew is a supportive friend and sidekick ... he knows that Marcus can act like an a-hole at times (Marcus doesn't seem to have any filters) but Andrew is forever smoothing things over for his friend.  Stan, the IT guy, is a hoot.

I liked the writing style once it became more fast paced.  The chapters are short and snappy, between one to five pages, which I like.  There are some twists and turns that are suspenseful surprises.  I was satisfied with the ending.  And just when I thought the story was over, there was a cliffhanger!

This is the second in the series.  It would help if you read the first book first to get the details on what happened between Akerman and Marcus but you don't need to ... this works as a stand alone book.  I'd like to go back and read the first one.


    CMash said...

    Another great post. Thank you. I too am anxiously waiting for this author's next book. After reading The Prophet, I put him on my "authors to read" list.

    Claire said...

    Great review Teena! I liked how they showed every character had a scarred past too.