Tuesday 16 October 2012

Trius Wine Club - October 2012

Gord and I have been members of the Trius Wine Club (formerly the Hillebrand Wine Club) for about ten years.  Our October box arrived today!

Every month, 2 bottles of our best wine will be delivered to your door along with Winemaker Craig McDonald’s tasting notes and Chef Frank Dodd’s recipes.

The cost is about $40 a month and it's only available in Ontario.

This is the first box since it has changed names ... 

We received the Trius Wine Club Membership Kit, an organizer that contained a quick list of the Trius Wine Club perks and helpful club information. We can use our kit to store and save the monthly tasting notes and recipes.  They also included a member's card which will allow us to enjoy all the perks of our membership including free tastings (in the past, it was the honour system).

 Here's what we got this time:


Masshole Mommy said...

I've considered joining wine clubs in the past, but since I've been trying to eat better, I've been drinking less wine (I don't need those extra colories).

Teresa said...

Mmmmmm wine, enjoy.