Monday 8 October 2012

Changing leaves in High Park ... not quite

Gord, Sister Sarah and I walked around High Park for about three hours.

We were looking forward to seeing colourful leaves.

Some were changing ... but most weren't ... yet.

Here's Sister Sarah ...

 We walked through the zoo.  Sister Sarah wanted to take this baby llama home.

The capybara were serene.

We walked around and took pix of the colourful trees.

The park is a lovely spot for a bride and groom to have their pictures taken.

Here's Sister Sarah ...

On a path ... lots of green still.

 Here's Sister Sarah coming up on some colourful trees.

Aren't the leaves pretty?  Here are Sister Sarah and me ...

 Here are Gord and I ...

And here are the three of us ... Sister Sarah, Gord and I.

Down by Grenedier Pond, men were fishing.

As I said, we were surprised that the leaves were still green.  I bet that will change shortly.

Here's a tree on one of the trails.

 It was a nice day for a walk!

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Isabel said...

I love fall! So many pretty colors!