Tuesday 9 October 2012

The Olde Angel Inn, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Sister Sarah and I drove to Niagara-on-the-Lake after we left Niagara Falls and walked around for a bit.

We had a late lunch at the Olde Angel Inn.  I've been there with Gord a couple times.

There were a few people in the restaurant, mostly in the front part.  We were seated in the back room.

Sister Sarah ordered the portabella mushroom burger and fries.  She said it was good and would order it again.  It look hearty.

I ordered curried chicken and rice.  It wasn't all that great.  For $16.49, it was a small portion (it was smaller than the picture makes it look).  The bowl was burning hot but the chicken was barely warm.  Huh?  The rice was a bit crunchy from being baked.  Riley, our server, assured me that it was fresh from this morning.  The sauce was good.  I'd had it last July and enjoyed it.

When Riley asked how my meal was, I was honest.  She knocked 10% off the cost of my meal which was nice of her.  She took good care of us.

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