Friday 26 October 2012

Il Fornello, Toronto, ON

I met my pals, Deb, Franca and Liz, for supper tonight at Il Fornello (King W/Simcoe).

I usually get pepperoni pizza when I go to an Il Fornello.  But I've had a lot of pizza lately so thought I'd get Chicken Parm.

It was okay, not great.  There was a weird texture and taste in the tomato sauce ... maybe Parmesan cheese mixed in with it (I don't like Parm cheese)?  It was a big serving and I left some of the pasta.

Here we are ... Liz, Franca, me and Deb.

We've been friends since the mid 1990s.  It had been a while since we'd gotten together so it was great to catch up ... we got there about 5pm and yakked 'til 10ish.

Kat was our server and she took good care of us.  She was friendly and made sure we had everything we needed.  Keep an eye out for her ... she's going to be a star!

Here are Liz, Kat and Franca.

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Lavinia said...

Oh, I know this place, I had a date lunch there once! I miss Toronto so much! And I like your blog:)

Masshole Mommy said...

The pasta looks super saucy, which I wouldn't like, but the chicken looks really good.