Friday, 17 November 2006

Duff's, Toronto, ON

You know how much I love wings, especially St. Louis' wings.

I've been hearing how Duff's wings are the best! NOW Magazine said they were the best in Toronto in their 2006 survey.

Liz and I checked them out tonight. The restaurant was packed when we got there tonight but we got a table within 15 minutes. The wings came with celery sticks and cole slaw (ewww!), which I gave to Liz. I ordered a side of fries.

The wings weren't great ... not even close to St. Louis'. Sure, they were gunky but that's about all they had going for them. I gave them 2/5. I won't be back.

Liz and her honey garlic wings

Me and my medium wings and fries

Afterwards we walked a block to a bar called Originals for a couple hours. The place was packed and there were lots of drunk loud people. There was a band who wasn't too bad. We bailed around 11:00.
It was fun to hang with Liz. Her new job is working out well.


LeeAnn said...

I am looking at that beautiful white sweater and those messy wings...YIKES

Teena said...

Ha! I realized that too once I got to the restaurant. What was I thinking??!!

Anonymous said...

Teena, thanks for joining me. The wings were okay, but the company was fantastic! :) It's actually a little unbelieveable that your white sweater came out unscathed.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

lol, how did that sweater enjoy those wings? my son loves st. louis wings, but we do have an independent here that is really good as well, the clarkson pump and patio, just in case you're ever in this area.

Gattina said...

Hhmm, lookes good these french fries ! (you too of course) but were are the woofies ? You woofed so nicely on Photo pherrets blog !