Tuesday 21 November 2006

Book ~ "Trace Of Doubt" Erica Orloff (2006)

From Amazon.com ~ Criminalist Billie Quinn lived and breathed the evidence. People lied. But DNA never let her down. Or could it? For the case that put her fight for justice in the media spotlight also brought her to a killer's attention. A very special killer -- one who claimed to know the truth about her mother's disappearance many years ago. And who was now determined to show Billie exactly what happened … in a reenactment starring Billie herself. It was up to her to choose -- learn the truth and die or bring this killer to justice and never know her mother's fate.

I've read a few of Orloff's books and enjoyed them. This one was good too but ... the ending was wrapped up too quickly. The killer was too convenient.

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