Thursday, 16 November 2006

Book ~ "What Stella Wants" - Nancy Bartholomew (2006)

From ~ What Stella Wants: A successful P.I. business. A sexy man she can love and trust. Relatives who stay safely at home. And good friends she can count on.

What Stella's Got: An anemic trickle of clients. An infuriatingly secretive (but hot!) former special forces soldier who may or may not be around in the morning. A feisty elderly aunt whose love life is waaaaaay more on track than Stella's. And an old high-school rival who's just hired Stella, only to be blown up in what seems to be a terrorist attack.

I don't usually read Silhouettes but this one sounded interesting. It's part of the Bombshell series ...

These are the heroines you've been waiting for! Strong, sexy and savvy, she'll save the day and get her man - both good and bad!

I really enjoyed this book. Stella was reminiscent of Stephanie Plum (a P.I. in a series I enjoy) and Bartholomew reminded me of Janet Evanovich. There was a cast of wacky characters who were funny and caring.

I'll definitely be looking for other books by this author and in this series.


Nancy said...

Thanks, Tina! I love strong female lead characters. I've got three series...The Strip Series features Sierra Lavotini, amateur sleuth and exotic dancer. In my mind, Stella is Sierra's sister.

Anyway...thanks so much for your kind words!

Teena in Toronto said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nancy! The Strip Series sounds like a hoot!