Wednesday 29 November 2006

Bubbles Mansion, Halifax, NS

You know I'm a big fan of the Trailer Park Boys!

"Bubbles" has recently opened a restaurant in downtown Halifax called Bubbles Mansion and we had lunch there today.

Bubbles Mansion
Sister Sarah
Sister Sarah in front of Bubbles' shed

While we were eating our wings (which were good), Mike Smith (the actor who plays Bubbles and owner of Bubbles Mansion), walked in. Our waitress sent him over to our table and he yakked with us for about ten minutes. Quite exciting!


Anonymous said...

First of all...YOU'RE BACK!!!! I missed ya.

Second of all...Unbelieveable!!! What are the odds? You meeting Bubbles would be equal to me meeting Matthew McConaughey. I know you're crazy about him. So, on that note, do you know if Matthew has any restaurants that I should start to frequent? ;)


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Bubbles! I have the Trailer Park Boys season 1&2 on DVD. I think they're a hoot! My family thinks I'm nuts. Gotta love that Bubbles though, anyone who loves the kitty cats is my friend!