Thursday, 23 November 2006

Book ~ "Killer Blonde" - Laura Levine (2005)

From Mystery Lovers Corner ~ Jaine Austen is hired as a ghostwriter by SueEllen Kingsley. Jaine doesn’t really want to work for her, but she can’t turn down the three thousand dollars a week she is paying. Jaine befriends Heidi, SueEllen’s teenage stepdaughter.

SueEllen does most of her work while soaking in the tub. Jaine finds sitting on the toilet a terrible place to work. After Heidi’s birthday party where SueEllen is very mean to Heidi, Jaine decides to quit.

Unfortunately when Jaine arri
ves for work to tell SueEllen she's quitting, Jaine finds SueEllen has been electrocuted in the tub by her hairdryer. The police believe Heidi killed her.

Jaine sets out to try to find out who killed SueEllen to keep Heidi from going to jail. Since SueEllen was mean to everyone, there are plenty of suspects in Jaine’s mind. Jaine is a fun character and has plenty of one-liners to keep you laughing. There’s always lots of laughs with the various guys Jaine dates as well.

I enjoy mysteries. I enjoy comedies. This was a fun combination of the two. I'm definitely going to look for other books by this author.


utenzi said...

Michele sent me over, Teena.

The name Laura Levine sounds familiar. I might have read something by her--but if so, it's not been recently. I'll see if I can pick up something by her at the library since she sounds interesting. Janet Evanovich is one of the few writers I read that does light mysteries and it'd be nice to have someone else in that vein.

utenzi said...

The library near where I work has one book by her (The PMS murder : a Jaine Austen mystery) so I'll get it on Monday. Thanks for the suggestion, Teena.

Teena in Toronto said...

Utenzi: I enjoyed this one. It was silly but with a twist at the end ... just what I needed :)

utenzi said...

I picked up "The PMS Murder" from the library today, Teena. I hope to start it by the end of the week--it'll be great to have another author to read. Thanks!