Saturday 11 November 2006

Fencing tournaments

Gord has been fencing for about a year and loves it!

He was in a couple tournaments today in St. Catharines
  1. General men's
  2. Men over age 35

Though he didn't win either, he thinks he came in the top 30 (out of more than 50) in the first tournament.

I was still in bed when he left this morning (he had to be in St. Catharines before 10am) but here he is before a tournament in September ...

They wear a half jacket on their fencing side over this outfit ... then a white jacket (puncture-proof) ... and then another jacket (metal) over that for scoring.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! My kids used to fence. There is group that fences every week down by the waterfront here in Charlston. It usually gathers a crowd of tourists.