Thursday, 2 November 2006

Bairrada, Toronto, ON

I had supper tonight with my boxing buddies ... Yvette, Susan, Trish and Beata. Yvette chose the restaurant tonight and, in honour of her heritage, we went to a Portugese restaurant called Bairrada (College/Dovercourt).

We ordered Flaming Sausage for an appetizer.
You can't see it in this picture but there were flames under the sausage!

Yvette, Teena, Susan, Beata, Trish and Darcy, our waiter

I had BBQed chicken, rice and potatoes. Yvette and Beata had bass. Susan had steak and fries. And Trish, a vegetarian, had salad and veggies.
Yvette, Teena, Susan, Beata and Trish

We had a lot of fun and a ton of laughs!


Anonymous said...

What a fun evening! I love the flaming sausage pig- it's so cute.

Teena in Toronto said...

Lisa: And I know how much you love pork products!!

~ames~ said...

Mmm...that sausage looks good.

Anonymous said...

That sausage looks really tasty!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Anonymous said...

That would be my other blog - not the one that's linked to my name.

Sarah|BHood said...

The sausage pig is indeed killer. And thanks for visiting (and even linking to) my blog!