Thursday, 2 November 2006

Bairrada, Toronto, ON

I had supper tonight with my boxing buddies ... Yvette, Susan, Trish and Beata. Yvette chose the restaurant tonight and, in honour of her heritage, we went to a Portugese restaurant called Bairrada (College/Dovercourt).

We ordered Flaming Sausage for an appetizer.
You can't see it in this picture but there were flames under the sausage!

Yvette, Teena, Susan, Beata, Trish and Darcy, our waiter

I had BBQed chicken, rice and potatoes. Yvette and Beata had bass. Susan had steak and fries. And Trish, a vegetarian, had salad and veggies.
Yvette, Teena, Susan, Beata and Trish

We had a lot of fun and a ton of laughs!


Lisa said...

What a fun evening! I love the flaming sausage pig- it's so cute.

Teena said...

Lisa: And I know how much you love pork products!!

ames said...

Mmm...that sausage looks good.

Anonymous said...

That sausage looks really tasty!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Anonymous said...

That would be my other blog - not the one that's linked to my name.

SarahBHood said...

The sausage pig is indeed killer. And thanks for visiting (and even linking to) my blog!