Saturday, 18 November 2006

Chris Frolic's Hilarious Night of Hypnotism, Sticky Fingers, Toronto, ON

Gord and I went to a Single Horizons event tonight ... Chris Frolic's Hilarious Night of Hypnotism! It was at Sticky Fingers (Lawrence/Yonge).

We got there early and had supper. The wings were very tasty ... much better than those at Duff's last night.

LeeAnn, owner of Single Horizons, and me
(LeeAnn is tanned because she just got back
from a cruise, which was a Single Horizons' event)

There were about 60 in our group. A dozen or so people stepped up when Chris asked for volunteers ... and five lasted 'til the end under hypnosis. It was hilarious!

Chris had them doing lots of silly things. The best was when he told them they could read minds. He asked Maureen to "read" LeeAnn's mind ... Maureen said she couldn't because LeeAnn had "a dirty mind". Ha!

Afterwards, the Gary Kendall Band played. We left around midnight.

It was a very fun night ... I can't wait for LeeAnn to booked it again in the spring!


Nancy said...

LOL! Sounds like a blast...
Wish I lived closer...I'd join in on the fun with you!


Lisa said...

A cruise? I'm so jealous! Sounds wonderful. :-)