Sunday 5 November 2006

Book ~ "The Non-Designer's Web Book" - Robin Williams and John Tollett (2005)

From ~ This book explains most of what a beginning designer needs to know ... what the Web is, how it gets to your computer, how to use it, and, most of all, how to design for it. A basic understanding of how the Web works enables the good designer to create the most effective sites. This book thoroughly discusses the different kinds of graphics that are used on the Web, when to use one over another, how to make the most of text styles, and how to design navigation systems. The comparisons are the best stuff here ... good design vs. bad design, why designing Web pages is different from designing printed pages, and why a site looks terrific on one monitor but terrible on another.

A basic book on creating, designing and posting a website.

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Season said...

Are you looking into making your own site other than the blogging thing? That would be cool!