Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Jeremy Hotz - Yuk Yuks, Toronto

Gord and I went to Yuk Yuk's tonight because Jeremy Hotz was headlining. The show was sold out as is tomorrow night's.

We've seen Jeremy before on one of the Just for Laughs Comedy Tours plus we tune in when he's on TV. We think he's a hoot! Tonight he didn't disappoint us. I thought he was the funniest yet ... probably because it was a smaller, more intimate venue. He was talking more with the crowd rather than just telling jokes. Gord and I both gave him 9.5/10).

The emcee was funny (we gave him 8/10) and the other guy was so-so (I gave him 5/10; Gord gave him 6/10).


Lynn said...

I am glad you had a blast at Yuk Yuks.

I have created a swap for women and men to participate in. It is a cheapy one, yet will be fun.
Wanna join The Three Pin Shuffle?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, even if the one guy was so-so. I've seen some bad comics before and some really funny ones.

Anonymous said...

He was hilarious! Thanks for the video!