Saturday 3 October 2020

Crothers Woods, Toronto, ON

Gord and I drove to Crothers Woods to go for a hike ... it's a park we haven't been to and it was not far from Chester Lookout.

We parked at the nearby Loblaws (it seems like everyone else does too).  It was a nice place to hike ... the rugged trails were fun.  The trail is open to hikers and cyclists ... and there were LOTS of cyclists on the trails.  Most would give warning that they were coming so we'd have to stop and get out of their way.  Though the cyclists were polite, it was annoying to have to stop.  Some cyclists were A-holes and rudely said people shouldn't be hiking in their way in the middle of the trails.  Though the trails were fun, I doubt I'd go back because of the abundance of cyclists using the same trails.

There were checkpoints at a few spots

We took the one to the right of us.

There's downtown Toronto
Left is down and right is up
I don't think you're going up here!
We ended up not going back this way so didn't have to choose
The CN Tower off in the distance

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