Sunday 11 October 2020

Salmon spawning, Humber River, Toronto, ON

The Chinook and Coho salmon are currently spawning in local rivers ... I'd never heard about it or seen it until a neighbour told me about it last weekend.  Gord and I headed to Etienne Brule Park (near Bloor Street W/Old Mill) this afternoon.   We've never been to this park so it was fun to check it out.

We headed up the Humber River and followed it to Dundas Street W.

There's the first dam ... I didn't see any salmon jumping
We followed the river again ...
the changing leaves were gorgeous!
The second dam ... I didn't see any salmon there either
Gord and I
Following the river again
The third dam ... we saw lots here!
Back to following the river again
The fourth dam
Following the river again
The fifth dam
The path went into the woods
The remnants of an old bridge was a nice place to sit
and look at the sixth dam

We turned around when we got to Dundas Street W and headed back the way we'd come.

We stopped again at the first dam and
there was lot of salmon jumping!

Though we didn't see any salmon make it up and over, people were cheering and encourage the salmon.  It was a fun afternoon and I'm glad we checked it out.

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