Saturday 17 October 2020

The Old York, Toronto, ON

Gord and I had supper this evening on the patio at The Old York (Niagara Street/Wellington Street).  As a head's up, on the weekends, brunch ends at 3pm and supper doesn't start until 5pm ... so there is a two hour break when you can't get food.  Weird on a weekend, right?  We got there during the break and decided to wait until the supper service started because we figured it would be hard to find a space on a patio somewhere else.  It was interesting to see people arriving and then immediately leaving because there was no food being served.

Gord was craving a burger and ordered the Old York Burger with bacon and mushrooms.  He said it was a good burger, though he thought the mushrooms were canned rather than fresh.

I ordered the Old York Fried Chicken.  It was really good.  The honey sauce was a bit spicy but not too spicy.  The fries were yummy.

Heather and James were our servers and they took good care of us.

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Teresa said...

Food looks gooooood!