Monday 5 October 2020

Books ~ "Saving Tiberius" (2020) Gordon K. Jones

From Goodreads ~ Morgan Watson has a problem. When word leaked that his cat, Tiberius, miraculously cured itself of diabetes and may hold the key to a cure, he is attacked in his home and almost killed in a bloody fight. 

Paula Rogers, a strong-willed dedicated police officer, has put herself in the line of fire protecting them, and for the first time is stretching the rules and hiding facts from her superiors. 

The two fiercely independent people find their romantic feelings for each other grow as they search to find who is behind the brutal attempts to get Tiberius before they find themselves intertwined with the growing list of dead bodies. 

Morgan works in an office and lives alone with his cat, Tiberius, who had had feline diabetes but seems to have miraculously cured itself of it.  Morgan comes home one evening and finds two men in his apartment, trying to kidnap Tiberius.  They have been hired to bring Tiberius to a man whose only goal is to profit financially from the cure and Tiberius' certain death.  Morgan is able to fend them off but is shaken.  He contacts the police and Paula, an officer, investigates.  There are more threats on Morgan and Tiberius' lives and Morgan and Paula race against time to do all they can to protect Tiberius and stop whoever is trying to kill him.

This book will appeal to readers of crime fiction and cat lovers (like me!).  It is written in third person perspective with the focus on wherever the action.  I liked the writing style and it moved along at a fast pace.  It's got a bit of everything ... suspense, romance, action and a cat!  What more could you want?!  As a head's up, there is violence and adult activity.

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