Saturday 22 February 2020

Alexander Keith's Brewery Tour, Halifax, NS

Gord and I did the brewery tour at the Alexander Keith's Brewery in Halifax.  I've done it twice before and it's always interesting.

There were various guides who were very knowledgeable who broke the tour into chunks.

Our first sample ... Alexander Keith's IPA
(my favourite beer ever!)

We moved into the brewmaster's office.

Our second sample ... Lunenburg Coffee and Cacao Stout

We were led into Stag's Head, where there was a small kitchen party.

Wendy and Stephen

We were given two more samples ... I chose a Highland Pilsner and a Le Passage Gose.

Stephen and Wendy entertained.

This bottle of Keith's beer was found in nearby waters in 2015 and believed to be from 1870 to 1890!  It was tested and tasted ... and it apparently tastes like an old beer!

Alexander Keith's office ...

At the end of the party, we were bid adieu.

It was a fun tour and I'd definitely recommend it.

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