Monday 25 February 2019

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Sister Sarah and I spent the morning at the beach ... there is lots to see!


Vendors are continuously walking up and down the beach trying to convince you to buy something.

Dresses and wraps
Want your picture taken with
a monkey or an iguana?
Or a parrot?

We headed to the pool area and came across this flamingo.

We had lunch at the hamburger/pizza restaurant.  I had a burger, fries and mozza sticks ... they were okay.

At 4:30pm, there was a foam party in the main pool.  I took a bunch of pictures and then joined in.  Sister Sarah and I left after about an hour and it was still going on.

Getting everyone ready ...
And then the foam started
Kinda cool that there is a heart-shaped foam above this couple!
And then Sister Sarah appeared!

Then she saw me ...
Sister Sarah and I

 We had supper in the main buffet.

The entertainment tonight were some singers singing Il Divo-style ... they were good.  You could get your picture taken with them afterwards.


Teresa said...

Happy travels. Enjoy your getaway.

Ann Wadden said...

Have a lovely week- very different vibe from our week in Antigua.