Wednesday 13 February 2019

Holiday Inn Saskatoon Downtown, Saskatoon, SK

I am spending the day with a client in Saskatoon. I drove from Regina yesterday afternoon and spent the night at the Holiday Inn Saskatoon Downtown.

The lobby

Here was my room ...

There were a couple chocolates next to the bed
The bed was comfy
The handle for the toilet was on the right side rather than the left
The view from my window yesterday afternoon

My room was right across from elevators, which was a loud spot ... next time I would ask to be put somewhere else.  There was a kid who loved to scream as he/she got on and off the elevator.  Awesome!

There was a minifridge, microwave and Keurig coffee maker in the room. WIFI was free ... I found it fairly speedy.  Parking was $15/night in the garage next door (if you catch the right elevator, you can go to your level in the parking garage from the hotel). There was a restaurant/bar in the lobby and lots within walking distance.

The microwave and clock were both set 15 minutes fast.  You'd think the person cleaning the room would have noticed.  I tried to fix the time on the clock but couldn't figure it out.  So when I woke up in the middle of the night, I did some math to figure out the correct time.

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