Tuesday 12 February 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre, Regina, SK

I am spending the day with a client in Regina.  I flew in yesterday afternoon and spent the night at the DoubleTree, which is in downtown Regina.  I've stayed here before and liked it.  They give warm chocolate chip cookies at check in.

The lobby

Here was my room ...

Down a small narrow hallway at the end

I had a Juliet balcony and here was the view last evening ...

There was a minifridge and a safe in the room.  WIFI was free ... I found it speedy.  There was a robe in the closet.  Parking was $12/night in the lot.  There was a restaurant/bar in the lobby.

It was really really cold outside (-33C and -41C with the windchill this morning) and I found the room never got warm, even though I put the heat up as high as it would go (25C).  There's no way the room was a toasty 25C!

The alarm clock was a bit maddening because I couldn't change the alarm someone else had set for 3am.  So I used my phone instead.

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Teresa said...

Safe travels. Not sure which is worse, the polar cold, or the pending snowstorm. At least you got away before the big dump. Keep warm.