Thursday 8 March 2018

Book ~ "Rosie" (2018) Bill Whiting

From Goodreads ~ A gentle, romantic and reflective story about recently retired Will Williams who is severely grieving after the death of his wife, Rosemary, following a long illness. His two children work abroad and he is alone after the funeral and grows deliberately recluse.

A few weeks later he's puzzled and annoyed when a lady arrives at his home delivering a schnauzer puppy. Called Rosie, it was ordered by his wife to be delivered to him after her death, together with a note from her.

His wife had always wanted a dog but Will didn't like them and had never agreed. But after a very difficult initial spell, he gradually grows to love Rosie and appreciate the companionship his little new friend brings to his life. Rosie also helps him overcome his grief and appreciate more than ever the wise and loving foresight of his wife.

Two travel adventures follow in Switzerland and Austria where doggie-centred dramas ensue - including the injury and loss of Rosie.

All dogs have a small monetary market value and any are worth nothing at all. But to their loving owners they are priceless.

Will is 65-years-old and a recent widower.  His beloved wife, Rosemary, recently passed away and his two children are living in Germany and the States.  He's all alone in his grieving, except for whiskey.

A few weeks after Rosemary's death, a woman knocks on his door with a Schnauzer puppy named Rosie.  Rosemary had ordered Rosie to be delivered after her death so Will wouldn't be alone.  Will has never been a dog lover ... in fact, Rosemary had always wanted a dog but Will always said no.  He agrees to keep Rosie for three days and then return it to the breeder.  The afternoon of the third day, Will decides to keep her just a bit longer and never does give her back.  Will and Rosie grow attached and though Will grumps about how Rosie hogs a lot of the bed, he loves her and she helps him with his grieving process.

I love reading books about pets and animals and that's what attracted me to this book (the face on the cover is so cute!).  It's written in first person perspective in Will's voice and reads like a memoir.  I liked the story of Will and Rosie and their interactions with each other ... it was nice to read how Will got over his dislike of dogs in general and Rosie became such a big part of his life.  I found it got bogged down at times, though, when Will started analyzing what I thought were mundane things.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

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