Sunday 18 March 2018

Book ~ "The Summer of New Beginnings" (2018) Bette Lee Crosby

From Goodreads ~ Aspiring journalist Meghan Briggs has always been the responsible one in the family. So when her father passes away unexpectedly, leaving behind his at-risk business, she steps up to save his legacy - even if that means putting her own dreams on hold.

Tracy couldn’t be more different from her sister. She’s always been the rebellious type, without much direction in life. But in the wake of her latest romantic disaster, she finds herself moving back home as a single mother.

As Tracy experiences the difficulties of new motherhood, Meghan faces her own struggle: trying not to fall for the stray puppy she rescued. This is no time for attachments - not to the adorable “Sox,” whose owner is bound to turn up any day, and certainly not to the handsome new vet in town. But as the summer unfolds, she discovers that, like Sox, she may need rescuing, too.

As both sisters navigate unexpected challenges and exciting new relationships, they’ll find that putting the past to rest can make way for beautiful new beginnings.

George and Lila live in the small town of Magnolia Grove and have two daughters ... Tracy is the oldest and bit of a wild one and Meghan is the good daughter.  When George passes away suddenly, Meghan postpones her dream of going to journalism school to run his small-town magazine.  Rather than letting it go, she sees it as a way of keeping a piece of her father.  Tracy, on the other hand, heads off to Philadelphia where Dominic, her boyfriend, has gotten a job.  The relationship doesn't work out and Tracy moves back home with her infant son.  As Tracy tries to get her life together, Meghan finds a stray pup who she names Sox and hopes his owner doesn't turn up to claim him. 

I thought this book was okay.  It is written in third person perspective, though some chapters are in first person perspective ... they are short and italicized and the name of the person is at the beginning of these chapters so you know who the focus is.  This style worked for me as it let me get into their heads and know what they were thinking and feeling.

I wasn't crazy about Lila.  Considering all that Meghan had given up and taken on, she didn't seem very grateful and still treated her like a child (for example, initially forbidding her to keep Sox).  Dominic was a jerk who hadn't treated Tracy or their son very well yet she still waffled for years about going back to him.

If you are looking for a nice clean wholesome story, you will enjoy it.  It is the first in the Magnolia Grove series.

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