Tuesday 6 March 2018

Old Triangle Irish Alehouse, Halifax, NS

Sister Sarah, Joey, Gord and I had lunch today at the Old Triangle (on Prince Street).  I've been there before and like it there.

Joey ordered a Corned Beef Sandwich.  He said it was good and he'd get it again.  He found the mustard had a bit of a bite.

Gord and Sister Sarah ordered Fish Cakes (she also ordered sweet potato fries).  They both said they were good and they'd get them again.

Gord also ordered Fish & Chips.  He enjoyed it and said he'd get it again.

I ordered the special ... a curried chicken and apple boxtie.  It was delicious ... probably the best boxtie I've ever had.  There was lots of chicken and the apple added a nice crunch.  The curry was good, not overwhelming.

Scott was our server and he took good care of us.

Kevin Evans and Brian Doherty of Evans and Doherty own the pub.  Sister Sarah had asked Scott what Evans and Doherty CDs they had for sale.  He brought some over so she could decide which ones she wanted to buy.  Brian Doherty was in the pub and came over to chat and autographed them for her.

Sister Sarah, Gord, Brian and Joey

We had a good time and we'll be back!

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raidergirl3 said...

I was there on Saturday night! We probably passed on the street!

We were going to see A Midsummer's Night Dream at Neptune and a group of 20 of us had dinner at Old Triangle first. I had the pastie with champ and it was also delicious. We took up a whole section and did a lot of moving around - the waiter was a little annoyed with us, but we had fun!