Thursday 20 July 2017

Muffin's check-up

It will be a month this Saturday since we adopted Muffin.

She'd had her first two kitten shots and was spayed before we got her.  She was due for her third shot, plus a rabies shot.

I took her to our vet's this morning for a check-up and to get her shots.

She was really calm while waiting for the vet.

Here's Dr. Fisher checking her teeth ... she's almost four months old and still has lots of kitten teeth.

After she got her shots, Megan and Dr. Fisher gave her a standard deworming med.  She didn't fuss too much.

Dr. Fisher said Muffin was "perfect".

She's got all her shots now and will be due for a booster a year from now.

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Teresa said...

She sure is sweet. Glad to hear she got a clean bill of health.