Sunday 23 July 2017

BIG on Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture, Toronto, ON

I walked to Dufferin Street/Bloor Street W this afternoon and checked out the BIG on Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture.  Bloor Street W is closed this weekend between Dufferin Street and Lansdowne Avenue for it.

The BIG on Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture is an exceptional community and city-building festival presenting hundreds of culturally significant events, activities, displays and exhibitions. Organized by BIG (the Bloor Improvement Group), the festival is a two-day summer event presented along a car-free stretch of Bloor Street West between Dufferin and Lansdowne Streets to celebrate local arts, culture and community. It has drawn up to 100,000 people.

The festival both encourages and sustains participation by creating a context for working on a positive common goal (year round) as a community. It nurtures everyone from emergent to senior artists, by creating a regular occasion to present: musical and theatrical performances and participatory art projects by making opportunities to contribute, to be constructive and to learn to exercise leadership.

There was something for everyone ... clothing, food, patios, entertainment, face painting, henna, reptiles, jewelry, candles, essential oils, fortune tellers, politicians, plants, art, haircuts and lots more!

Looking west on Bloor Street W from Dufferin Street
You could hold and/or touch a snake
I wasn't crazy about seeing a mom and her young daughter selling kittens
(they looked to be about a month old) from a bundle buggy for $100 :(

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