Friday 21 July 2017

ihalo Krunch, Toronto, ON

ihalo Krunch recently opened on Queen Street W (just east of Strachan Avenue and across from Trinity Bellwoods Park).  I've walked passed it often and there's always a big line-up.  I was out walking this afternoon and passed by ... no line-up!  So I had to stop in!

You can get regular scoop ice cream, which looked delicious.  Or you can get what all the kool kids are getting ... a house cone.  I got an Ube Nut, which was described to me as sweet potato/coconut.  Huh?!  I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes but one of the servers convinced me to try a sample.  I did ... and I liked it.  It tasted like vanilla ice cream.

It was a fun ice cream and I'm glad I finally got to be one of the kool kids.  I took it across the street and ate it on a bench at the park.  You have to eat it right away because it melts really really quickly.  Make sure you have lots of napkins.  I didn't find the ice cream overly sweet.  The cones, which they make onsite, are black and are infused with activated charcoal.  The cone was thin and not overly crunchy.  There was a hole in the bottom of the cone, with a bit of Fluff, but the ice cream dripped through.  Afterwards my teeth, lips and tongue were black.

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