Sunday 11 September 2016

Mont Tremblant, QC

When I walked over to buy my ticket this morning about 9:30am to go to the top of Mont Tremblant (the summit is at an elevation of 875 metres/2,871 ft, which makes it one of the tallest peaks in the Laurentians), I was told the gondolas weren't running because it was too windy at the top.  I checked back about an hour later and they were running ... so I bought my ticket and off I went.

Up up up!
Looking back at Mont Tremblant village
The weather started changing the higher I went
A selfie on the gondola
The higher I went, the windier and rainier it got ...
the swaying of the gondola made me nervous

It was really cold at the top ... 6C/42F.  It was rainy, windy and foggy too.

I went inside Le Grand Manitou Cafeteria for a while, hoping the weather would clear ... and it did a bit.

I headed towards the path to the observation tower.

The view from the top of the tower ... it was really really cold
and windy on the top level so I didn't stay there too long

I followed one of the hiking paths near the tower.

My intent had been to follow one of the hiking trails back down to the village.  But they were wet and I was concerned they'd be too slippery.  I followed a ski trail instead.  I had no idea how long it would take me or how far it would be but I figured a ski trail ends at the bottom, right?  So off I went.

The observation tower I'd been on is waaaaay up there in the middle
Can you see it?
Tam-Tam is a kids zone
I cut into the Caps trail (considered strenuous)
because I knew there was a waterfall on its path
When Gord and I were here years ago, we hiked down from the top on a trail.
It was so hot and humid that when we came to this waterfall, we walked
right into the water to cool off.  Gord took his hat off, filled it with
water and then put it on his head.
Back on a ski trail
I cut into the Ruisseaux trail because I knew it was close to the bottom ...
it's considered easy so I wasn't concerned about slipping
This bridge goes over the luge track
The end is in sight!
Down the hill to the village

It was a great walk and I'm glad I could do it!  It took me about two hours and according to my Garmin activity tracker, it was about 6.5km.

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