Friday 9 September 2016

Book ~ "Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die" (2016) Chris Santella

From Goodreads ~ What is the most unforgettable place you’ve ever taken a refreshing sip of a cold beer? 

"In Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die", Chris Santella explores the best destinations to crack open a cold one, reflect on the day, and take in the scenery. 

The book features the world’s top locations for imbibing, from beautiful landscapes to beer festivals, breweries, classic drinking establishments, and brand-new, under-the-radar spots. With a mix of national and international places to visit - Asheville, Denver, Prague, Munich, Vienna, and more - as well as firsthand accounts from contributors such as Jim Koch (founder of Boston Brewing Company/ Samuel Adams) and Joe Wiebe (author of "CraftBeer Revolution"), this book will make you want to trek to each must-see destination. 

Packed with beautiful, vibrant photographs that bring each locale to life, "Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die" will leave you craving barley and hops and eagerly planning your next trip. 

This book caught my eye because Gord and I enjoy beer and we attend a lot beer festivals.  I was curious to find out where, according to beer experts, the 50 places to drink beer before I die are.

The destinations are scattered across the globe from A to Z ... from Birmingham, Alabama, when a grassroots advocacy group called Free the Hops, a nonprofit group that was lobbying to reform that state's beer laws to enjoying a cold beer along the banks of the Zambezi, Zimbabwe, with the sun setting, hippos grazing and the flat plain beyond teeming with animal life.  I was happy to see there were three destinations in Canada ... Lake Louise, Vancouver Island and Montreal.

Various people closely connected with the brewing world were interviewed to discuss their favourite spots and experiences.  They include craft brewing pioneers, beer writers and athletes.  They describe not only pubs and breweries, but also regions that have a thriving craft beer culture or activities (such as beer festivals and the Beer Mile where runners drink four beer and run four laps) that are complemented by beer.

There are full-colour pictures throughout.  At the end of each destination, there is a "If You Go" information which includes phone numbers, websites, how to get there, etc.

This book made me put 50 places to visit on my bucket list!  Dieu du Ciel in Montreal is listed and we went there last year and it was great.  I'll have to check out the other places listed for Montreal someday too.

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