Thursday 21 May 2015

St. Lucia - Thursday

Sister Sarah and I wanted to do some shopping so we caught a local bus and headed to Rodney Bay, about a 15 minute drive away (about $1.50US each one way).

There are a couple malls so we checked them out briefly.  I bought a teeshirt and Sister Sarah bought a teeshirt, a couple postcards and a shot glass in a duty-free shop in one of the malls.

Afterwards we had lunch at KFC.  The food has been really good at the resort but it was nice to have something familiar for a change.

We both got 2 piece meals ... about $5.25US each
It was a bit different from ours in Canada but good

Then we checked out the liquor store.   I bought a couple bottles of dark rum and two bottles of Piton, the local beer, for Gord.

Sister Sarah spent the afternoon on the beach while I spent it on a lounger at the pool with my Kobo.

We had the buffet supper at the Palm Restaurant.

Here's some of the selection of what they had to offer ... jerk chicken, coconut rice, pepperpot beef, veggies and pork roast.  It was all very tasty!

There are a lot of cats on the resort and some hang out in the restaurants (no one seems to mind).  This guy sat next to my chair.

The entertainment tonight was the Royal St. Lucia Police Band.  They came in from the back and then took the stage.  They played a variety of tunes like Copa Copa Cabana, New York, New York, etc. and were really good.

These two kitties hang out near our building and are usually together (the calico one is so tiny).  They were sleeping next to one of the stairwells tonight.

It was another fun day!

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