Sunday 17 May 2015

St. Lucia - Sunday

I woke up about 6:30am and started my day with a walk on the beach.

It was odd to see guys with metal detectors in the water.  I discovered later that it was an unsuccessful morning for them.

The building our rooms are in is right next to the pool and the beach.  Sweet!

Sister Sarah and I had a 10:30am orientation to find out more about the resort and activities.  Here are the activities for today.

Our "activity" was heading to the beach after the orientation and we spent the morning there.

Sister Sarah!

We had lunch at the Plum Tree Bar and Grill.

That's where the kids' pool is

While I was waiting for my lunch, I had some popcorn.

I ordered a couple mojitos.

For lunch I had a chicken roti and rice ... and it was delicious!  Sister Sarah also ordered this.

I had a small bowl of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla and banana) for dessert.

After lunch, we headed to one of the pools.

Sister Sarah and some Yellow Birds

Before we headed to our rooms to shower and change for supper, we listened to a sax player playing jazz.

There was also a very enthusiastic beer pong competition going on.

Sister Sarah had a couple Bob Marleys (so pretty!) and I had a couple Brown Cows.

It was a fun relaxing day.  The weather was a bit wacky.  It was warm and humid (30C but felt like 34C).  It would cloud over and there would be an intense rain for about two minutes and then it would clear up.  It did this about six times.  Most of the time we were in the water anyway so didn't care.

We had supper at the Tree Tops Pizza and Pasta Restaurant.

Here we are ...

We both had a pizza ... mine had pepperoni, tomatoes and bacon and Sister Sarah's had the same but also with mushrooms.  They were good and our servers were very attentive.

Afterwards we went to the entertainment centre.  There was a live band called Prodegy at 9pm playing lots of pop hits which got many dancing.

At 10pm, there were professional salsa dancers for a half hour.

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Anonymous said...

HI Teena. We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon. That was almost 10 yrs ago. Your photos bring back a lot of memories. Looking forward to more photos and posts of your vacation. Say hi to Sarah for me. Monica