Friday 8 May 2015

Delta Winnipeg Hotel, Winnipeg, MB

I spent Sunday to today in Winnipeg and my home-away-from-home was the Delta Winnipeg Hotel.

I was on the ninth floor ... here is my room.

The king bed was comfy!
The floor is heated

Rooms have a balcony.

It would have been nice to have a chair on the balcony

My balcony overlooked the heated outdoor pool, which was apparently 21C.

I heard a big splash Wednesday night so looked out ...
two guys had jumped into the pool but got right back out
because the water was cold

The hotel is right downtown so it's handy to restaurants, the convention centre, concert arena, shopping, etc.  The parking lot is right next door and was about $15 to self-park ... it's a pretty dark dingy dusty lot and the Delta's parking is three to five levels down :(  Some cars had been in the parking lot so long that there was a film of dust on them and someone had written swear words in the dust and drew parts of the male anatomy!

The room rate ranged from $179 (Sunday night) to $229 (last night).  The room was normal size.  WIFI was complimentary and I found it quick.  There is no fridge or microwave, though there is space in the desk so there may have been a fridge at one point.  I like having a fridge so I can have cold water handy.

The toilet paper protocol was a bit wacky.  Every hotel I've ever stayed in has had at least two rolls of toilet paper ... one in the holder and the other on standby.  I usually only have my room cleaned every second day so I can have the towels replenished.  So that would have been Tuesday morning.  I had a half a roll of toilet paper left and assumed I'd also get a new standby roll.  Nope!  Wednesday morning I had a quarter of a roll of toilet paper so had my room cleaned just so I could get a standby roll of toilet paper.  Nope!  Yesterday morning I had a couple squares left so I actually hid the roll and had my room clean and towels replenished.  Finally I got a new supply of two rolls of toilet paper.  Very strange.

My room had a connecting door and I could hear how loud the guy next door was but it wasn't an issue with me.  He woke me up, though, at 3am this morning playing loud music for a while (it sounds like he'd just gotten in).  He woke me up again at 5:10am because he was "entertaining" female company ... for a half hour!  Unfortunately my alarm was set for 6am so I didn't get a lot of sleep.  Note to self:  don't get a room with a connecting door again!

I doubt I'll stay here again.

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