Monday 18 May 2015

St. Lucia - Monday

Sister Sarah and I spent our morning at the beach.  It was 30C (34C with the humidity).  The water was very nice!

We had lunch again at the Plum Tree Bar and Grill.

Sister Sarah started with deep fried salt fish.  She said it was good.

Then she had a cheeseburger and fries and she said that was good too.

I had what I had yesterday ... a chicken roti and rice.  It was good.

 After lunch, we went to the adults only pool which was high above the resort.

The views were great!

There's the beach where we spent the morning

The pool was nice and the water was warm.  We found it a bit too quiet and relaxed.  It was great to check it out but we probably won't be back.

It was a fun relaxing day in the sun!

The sunset before supper was lovely.

We had supper at 6:30pm at Morgan's Pier.

They started us with some warm rolls.

We both had Grilled Chicken Wings in Passion Fruit Glaze as an appetizer.  They were good.

I ordered Herb Breaded Pork Chops with Cider and Apple Sauce with garlic mashed potatoes.  It was good.

Sister Sarah ordered Jerk Chicken with a baked potato.  The sauce was yummy and the chicken was tender (I tried a piece).

Even though we were full, we had a couple bites of dessert ... a chocolate truffle cake.

Here's the view of Castries from our table.

 And here we are ...

Sister Sarah and I
Sister Sarah

After supper, we went to the entertainment centre to watch a calypso band.


leeann said...

Food looks fabulous -the only all inclusive I have been to is Cuba - definitely one thing is not like the other -even the drinks there were horrible

Are you doing some touring?

Teresa said...

Have a wonderful vacation and visit with your sister.