Friday 22 May 2015

St. Lucia - Friday

I woke up about 9am this morning and felt lazy.  So I chilled out in my room and read for a while.

When I went looking for Sister Sarah, I knew exactly where I'd find her ... at the beach.

There's Sister Sarah!

I felt like having a burger so I headed to the Plum Tree Bar & Grill for an early lunch.

Here's my cheeseburger with rice.  It was good.

Then I headed to the main pool and hung out there for the afternoon.

Sister Sarah and I had supper at the Palm Restaurant, which is the buffet restaurant.

There was a seafood theme tonight, which Sister Sarah enjoyed.  In addition to this seafood platter, there was chowder, Seafood Newburg, a white fish and more.

I'm not a fan of seafood and had fried chicken and BBQed steak along with some rice, which was tasty.

The entertainment tonight was a band called Epic.  They were good but started out mellow.

Then some mascarade dancers came out.  They were wild!

They also danced with fire.

And then a couple guys chugged gas and blew fire.   Crazy!

The mascarade dancing group when they were saying good-bye.

Then Epic came back on.  They played more lively tunes but it's hard to follow fire eaters!

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